The monthly web site traffic function is generally referred to as info transfer or bandwidth as well, but all of the abovementioned terms refer to the same thing - how much content can be transferred to and from your shared hosting account. The website traffic can be generated in two ways, the more noticeable one being website visits. When someone loads your web site, their web browser requests and downloads the pages from your website hosting server and then shows them on their end. The more website visitors you have, the more outbound traffic is produced from your hosting account. Due to the fact that this particular feature includes the total traffic, not just the site visits, you should not forget that incoming traffic is measured as well. Which means that web site content and other files that you upload to the account through a file manager or an FTP application are measured towards your account allowance. Your transfer is generally checked per month and the counter resets on the very first day of each and every month regardless of your actual date of registration.
Monthly Traffic in Shared Hosting
Our shared hosting are appropriate for any kind of small-scale or medium-sized web site and even a larger number of web sites. Considering that you can host a number of domains from a single account, we've designed our packages in such a way so as to supply you with all functions you may need. Whether you run an individual portfolio website or an eCommerce site, the monthly website traffic quota that your site may use will not be a problem. Thus, you'll have the option to broaden your worldwide web presence and acquire a lot of new website visitors without having to worry about hitting some limit. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel will offer you elaborate details related to the traffic usage to and from your account, that will enable you to take care of your web sites and your account much better. You will be able to view hourly, daily and monthly results, the site traffic generated by each individual domain and by the account altogether, the most downloaded files, etc.